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Canadian Canoe


Andy and Sue latest report November 2010

1700miles , 10 counties and 11 weeks of paddling.  This time we made it, paddling the whole River Danube from Ingolstadt in  germany  to its end in the Black Sea   (older members of the club will remember our last effort 19 years ago got mixed up in the Balkan war and we had to stop). This time it was a bit different ,steaming hot weather and local alcohol were the chief apponents.. Most nights we camped in local villages  which was a good excuse for the locals to stage an all night drinking party....perfect after a hot 60 km paddle! but a good time was had by all and a 6am rise soon clears the head.After  nearly 3 months in a boat ,sleeping in a tent and fending for your self,  it was a relief to reach the Black Sea which is a little like Bridlington but with better weather, a hot shower lightened my skin colour by several tones and a soft bed was welcoming. Before returning to germany we gave away our boat, paddles ,spraydecks and bouyancy aides to a local youthclub,,,, in truth we were glad to see the back of them  !    the river can be paddled in sections and is suitable for anyone able to paddle 40 miles a day  in 30 oC  heat carrying your own food  and tent etc ... anyone interested can conntact us for help and advise  on    andy.and.sue@hotmail.co.uk see you all some time in the spring    Sue and Andrew

White water

Washburn October 2010


National Div. 3/4 Slalom Oughtibridge

If you missed the slalom not to worry take a virtual tour with Jaycanoe slalom tour.



Sea Kayaking

Anglesey Easter 2011 – This has been one of the best attended organised club weekends away in the history of Sheffield Canoe Club. Over 50 members joined together for a weekend of sea kayaking and walking activities.

The weather and conditions on the sea must have been the best on record, with flat seas and sunny conditions for most of the weekend. Members managed to paddle on all the days, taking in trips to South Stack Lighthouse, Carmel Head and many others suitable for all abilities.

37 paddlers took part in trips around Anglesey, On one trip we had 30 paddlers. The camp site at Anglesey Outdoors was filled with our club members all the younger members got on well and took part in various activities after the a days Paddling.

To all our younger members, new members and those who paddled a river boat, I’d like to say “WELL DONE” – it’s not easy paddling long distances on the sea , especially in a short boat.

”Thank you” to all our club members who paddled their sea kayaks and helped the younger, and less experienced members on the trips and supported them to get to our destinations. Looking forward to seeing you all take part in other sea trips we organise through out the year.

Phill Hickson

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